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Laser Beam:


The laser beam was once thought as only something seen in science fiction. Ever since Hughes Research Laboratory developed the first laser beam in 1960 the world has never been the same. While still considered in its infancy, the laser beam has literally altered every aspect of our lives. From military applications to the way we compute and transfer data the laser beam has grown into a world wide industry. With uses that far exceed any other device commonly used, laser beams are extremely beneficial to mankind.

Laser beams are configured in many configurations and outputs. What makes the laser beam possible is the stimulation of emissions caused by three general properties; coherency, monochromatic wavelength, and single phase of a specific wave length of a photon or light energy. In essence a typical laser beam, emits light in a narrow, low-divergence beam and with a well-defined wavelength and optically amplified. Laser beams are not limited only by the visible spectrum, but can also be achieved with the ultra violet, X-ray, microwave, infrared and radio spectrums, all of which can be organized in a coherent state.

Lasers now have powers as high as a million billion watts and are used primarily in military applications, lower powered lasers are used in everything from sterilization, alignments, presentation pointers, surgical procedures, photonics, robots, levels, geological surveying, welding, cutting, fiber optic integrity, the list goes on and on. Many different lasing mediums and materials can produce a variety of visible and invisible laser beam colors and effects.






Laser collimating lens
Now $9.98
Precision 12.7mm Right-Angle Prism
Now $12.50
Precision 8 x 25mm fl. Laser Achromat
Now $13.98
Diffraction Grating Set
Now $4.98


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