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Laser Upgrade Program

Do you need to stay on the leading edge power & technology?
Need more power from your PPL or RPL portable laser?
Then the Optotronics upgrade program is for you.

  Here's how it works. Contact Optotronics to get a quote on the upgrade you're considering, along with the following information. 1. Model and serial of your current laser.
2. Original date of purchase.
3. The physical condition of your laser on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being like mint/new condition, 9 being 1-2 short minor marks or scratches on the body, but perfectly optically and performance wise. If in doubt, describe to us any physical or performance problem.
4. Condition of the tamper-proof labels (has the warranty been voided by disassembly).

After you receive your quote for upgrade, you can let us know if you would like to upgrade your portable PPL or RPL laser and we will issue you an RMA number and instructions on shipping your trade-in Optotronics laser back to us for upgrade. To get a general idea of the cost of your upgrade before asking for a quote, look up our current price on the portable laser you plan to upgrade from. If your laser was well cared for and in excellent condition and less than 1 year old, you can expect an 85-90% trade-in value of it's current list price. You can then subtract this amount from the cost of the portable laser you are planning on upgrading to. This upgrade program is for Optotronics PPL or RPL portable lasers and does not apply to any portable lasers that were originally purchased elsewhere. If the Optotronics PPL or RPL portable laser you would like to upgrade is out of warranty, the output power and beam specifications will need to be verified before a final trade-in value can be determined.

Premium +75mW Green Laser
Now $125.00
Equilateral Prism 25mm
Now $9.98
Diffraction Grating Set
Now $4.98
Precision 12.7mm Right-Angle Prism
Now $12.50


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