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Customer Testimonials

"I have purchased two RPL's from Optotronics already, and I could not be any happier. I am a very picky person when it comes to giving my business to anyone, so I am sure glad I have found Optotronics!
This is what I can say about Optotronics:
-highest quality product at the best price
-the best pre/post sales customer service ever
-remembers who you are a year down the road, that's awesome!
This is why I will be buying a 3rd RPL from Optotronics very soon. Thanks!"

Brandon N.  Michigan USA  1/2009

"Hey Jack how are you, NO COMPARISON  Between my RPL-425 and my friend's 400mW Hulk Ultra from Dragon laser.
The hulk is cool, but even my buddy said that comparatively his is "a pack of matches" and mine's a "flame thrower".
The laser is great it has been working awesome,Here's the link to my YouTube channel with several videos I've made with my RPL. Thanks again"

M. Allegrini   Connecticut USA  12/2008

"My RPL-325 is great and I'm so happy I chose it as my main portable high powered unit. There is still no better model out there! I'm beyond impressed with the power output so far. Its very humid today and the beam looks like stick in almost any light."
"HOLLY ..hmmmm .. DANG !!!!! This beam is out of this world!!!!!!
Here are initial quick readings I took on my Laser Check.
3sec - 320mW
10sec - 342mW
18sec - 353mW
30sec - 378mW
40sec - 370mW
50sce - 355mW
60 - 90 sec between 338 and 370mW
120- 240sec 330-350mW
after 5 min it is around 315-325mW
Very first time with fresh batteries I measured 410mW after around 45 seconds of warm up and for about 20 sec period."
"WOW!! I never thought this day would come."

Milos N.

"Thank you for the huge effort that you went through to get the RPL-165 laser shipped to me rapidly. As I mentioned before, I was suddenly given the task of doing a public laser talk with only one day's notice. As I had hoped, a high powered laser demonstration was in order for pizazz The laser is everything that I had hoped for and did a great job. Over 200 people attended the presentation and your laser was the star.

I've attached a few pictures of the event. The quality is slightly marginal because the photographer was trying not to use the flash.

I did all the standard stuff -- popping balloons, lighting matches (works best if you put a bit of black magic marker on the side of the match head you are targeting) and cutting black tape. A fun variation on this is to pop a dark balloon inside of a clear balloon. Another fun thing is to show the effect of color -- a blue or red balloon pops almost instantly but a yellow, white or green balloon reflects too much energy and doesn't pop.

Another fun thing is that helium balloons do not pop. I'm assuming that the lighter He atoms respond too quickly to the heat and start convection which cools the balloon. I'll experiment with argon to see if the effect stays the same, argon should act like air if the light atom convection hypothesis is correct.

I've got some classes on laser and laboratory safety. This laser will be an excellent demo about laser safety issues.

Again, great product and great customer service. Because of you, my good public talk became a great public talk. People were talking about it all evening at the other events."

John Sohl Ph. D.
Weber State University
Physics Professor

"Okay - I received the optics kit yesterday that I ordered from Optotronics.

Unassuming package - nice "Plano" translucent tacklebox to hold it all in.  Packed BEYOND good - the case was even taped shut just in case !  The case has approximately 12 divided areas, FILLED with optical goodies !  I really cannot get over the sheer amount of items in here - when his site CLAIMS that there is most likely over a hundred dollars worth of "stuff" in there ?  I think they are severely under-advertising !  This thing likely has several hundred dollars worth of items in it, as I have bought lots and lots of optics and pieces-parts on Ebay, and hobby stores - and have come no where near either this quantity, or this quality of items !
As I was joyously unwrapping each carefully packaged item, I kept on saying out loud - HOLY $%)& !  My wife was even impressed with the package !  THAT, my friends is saying VOLUMES ! LOL !

One item in particular that REALLY caught my notice was the diffraction gratings !  YES !!  There is four of them in this kit - I just spent $25.00 plus shipping for a diffraction grating on ebay, and thought I got a great deal ! HAHAHAHA  No way !  There is two starburst, and two beam tripling gratings - simply incredible.  There's your $100.00 right there !  Okay - all the items were carefully wrapped in lens paper.  There are lenses of every size and magnification - Concave, convex, plano, I think I recognized some CaFL lenses - mirrors, prisms, beam splitters, Did I mention the diffraction gratings ?  I am attaching just one pic for now - showing the size comparison between the case, and using a Dragon case for size measurement...The other pics will have to wait until I have a few hours to unwrap everything carefully, place it on my dining room table, and snap a few pictures, showing the diversity, and quality of this kit.

Well done, Jack - well done, Optotronics !  This is a stellar buy, and I strongly urge you to buy one if you have ANY desire for any type of optical experiments or displays.  I could piece part this kit out, and sell each piece on Ebay and make a mint if I was insane to break it up !  I understand, that each kit is a little different as far as what components are included - and they toss in a "surprise" for you with every kit ordered.

Buy this kit!

Senkat (Laser forum moderator)

"Just wanna say I received my 260mW RPL this morning. It's quite simply terrific, and it does absolutely and exactly everything that lasers of this rating (ie. 260mW) are advertised as being able to do. I've had a number of other green lasers before this, but nothing comes close to the Optotronics RPL series. Initially in making the order, I was a little apprehensive about the quality of a product for which I'm pumping in over USD $1K for, especially when there are several green laser rival companies that I had to be chose from. But as I found out, you really can't go wrong with Optotronics. I received it within a week (to Singapore), and found the performance of the RPL laser to be exactly as advertised. Anyone thinking of getting a green laser, go with Optotronics' RPL - you *won't* be disappointed.
Thanks a lot, Jack. You're the man!"

Winston (Bedok, Singapore)

"Thank you for a great laser, I am very impressed with it. I have owned a nexus from wicked lasers and a aries from laserglow, by far I am impressed with the divergence of the beam and quality of the beam with my RPL than any one else. You have the best divergence of any other laser company I have dealt with.
Thanks again for a great laser Jack...."

Preston W.

"I have dealt with various companies before and the Optotronics RPL is the highest quality laser I have owned so far, bar none. The stellar <1.2mrad divergence really puts it above the competition. It's pretty amazing that such a small unit can output +330mw for a minute straight. Jack's customer service is second to none and I will definitely purchase from him again!."

Watson J.

"I thank you very much for such a quick transaction and a most informative conversation on the phone prior to my purchase. It has come in handy in our product development. We thank you for your quick response and excellent customer service. It is not everyday you run into an owner who truly knows his product. It is obvious that your customers and most importantly - the quality of the product is your number one concern. Thank you again for such a quick turn over!!! I would recommend your company to anyone in need of your service / products."

Jon C.
Inreach Research

"I'm impressed with the tightness of the beam on my RPL 300! It's thin, tight, and oh so bright. Really lights up a darkened room. Much happier with it than I was with my Hercules 250. Now if Jack could get some freak 400mw units...hehehehe ... thanks!."

Stephen S.

"Well designed and reliable laser that has met all specifications. Will purchase again in the future...thanks!.

Michael Epstein
Dept of Science, Mt Saint Mary's University

"Wow! This (RPL) must be the best laser I have ever owned. The burning potential and beam visibility are both better than any of my other lasers. Thank you very much. I am one happy customer."

Luke Petrakis (repeat customer)

"My 110mW laser measured out at 135 mw and I freaking believe it! I work with up to 5kW CO2 lasers. I never believed such power could be built into a hand held device operated on freaking C cell batteries. These things are awesome and for sure are NOT toys. I like mine, your price was damn good and it absolutely WILL burn holes in black newspaper in about 1 second at close range, AWESOME dude. They should be treated with the utmost of care and respect. I encourage the use of the proper wave length of safety glasses while using them. I am a nationally recognized service and applications engineer in my industry.
Great product and delivery was as promised and on time.. "

E. Rhodes

"Jack really must have done some sort of degree in customer service. From the word go I have had nothing but a pleasurable experience with Optotronics and I think their products are amazing. I ordered a 200 mw laser on a Thursday night and received a response with all instructions the very next day. Then to proceed was a 4 day tracked wait for the laser to travel to Australia. The product was extremely well packed, in a plastic carrying case and to add to this the laser was not 200 mw which I paid for, it was instead 280 mw!!!!! That’s a bit under half of the original milliwatts, extra, for free.
I must mention the case that came with the laser especially. It looks ridiculously professional unlocking two padlocks, unclipping a few clips then opening up to reveal a beast of a laser which is sitting on curved foam.
Optotronics is king when you want a reliable and caring service. Individual attention is paid whenever you have an issue, you know that you are dealing with Jack each time you email and he is evidently an expert in the field, as opposed to dealing with a general staff member when you order from other companies. When I was going to spend this sort of money on a laser, I was looking for assurance that I could have full support and that I would have no troubles. I am extremely pleased to say that the distance gap between us has been virtually non existent. With quick response to emails and worldwide post which is a maximum of 5 days, I have had a trouble free experience which is a rare thing when dealing globally."

Cameron Rail
New South Wales Australia

"I'd back this guy any day of the week, too. I own the 150mW (which actually came back as something like 205mW) and it's a bitchin laser. His customer service is top notch too. You will be very pleased with his product. All in all, I think it's a great laser. I was very glad to see a minimal amount of plastic on this laser. Only the button and the adjustable power slot are plastic...the rest is metal. It does all the fun stuff...the laser in the burning cup video must have been a 100mw model, because my laser burns through the cup almost instantly from that distance (of course, it is outputting 205mW). Someone had mentioned they were able to light a cigarette, I wasn't able to do that for some reason.....maybe I need to aim it at the tobacco rather than the paper...I dunno...I don't smoke anymore so I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to figure that one out."

Josh Nesoff

"I have 2 of the Optotronics PPL units and they are absolutely top notch, and unmatched IMHO in per dollar value. They are built with the integrity matching the original Hummer design to off-road-duty. With the 9-position power selector I can range from 30mW to 220mW in fairly linear steps. Without a doubt, the best source is Optotronics. I researched all the variations of the double-C-cell portable laser modules available with output above 100mW, and the units Optotronics has for sale have a component, design, and build quality that edges out the "classic" CNI PGL-III. As an alternative you could consider the units offered for sale by LaserGlow or Extreme Lasers but their prices are considerably higher. They all are very reputable businesses IMHO and offer solid warranties to back their product. I've dealt with all three. The prime portable lasers in my collection are a pair of 200mW Optotronics PPLs that I use for portable mini projector systems and star pointing. The beam quality is excellent, outclassing a few of my cheapo benchtop lasers with very low measured divergence, small diameter, very good beam focus, and truly surprising power stability for a handheld unit. Best of all its designed to operate at 100% duty cycle, on all the time till the batteries cry uncle. I believe the high-end Optotronics and Laserglow units have beam specs comparable to benchtop designs, the only weak link is ultimate power stability due to the battery power source, but still orders of magnitude better than the pen styles."

Steve Rosos

"Folks, I just needed to give credit where credit is due. I purchased a 150mW laser from Optotronics. The first laser I purchased had what I consider a pretty serious flaw with the threads on the battery compartment. Jack took no issue to replacing the laser for me. Now, normally you would think, well, that's the right thing to do. And I would agree but it seems as most of you would probably agree, true customer satisfaction is not a goal of what seems like 98% of businesses today. It seems to be a goal for Jack, so again, I just wanted to give credit to him and his company in view of the public here on the forums. Thanks again, Joe"

Joe Pasint

"I own one and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!"
"You won't be disappointed!"
"It is the best laser you will EVER EVER buy."
(Andrew created the balloon video shown on the products page with his new laser).

Andrew Ho

"I currently own a laser from Optotronics. A 206mW monster that puts my modded leadlight to shame. They are great and powerful lasers. Be prepared to go through batteries like crazy. Not that you need to replace them every 30 minutes it's just nice to have the full voltage needed for max output. As for Optotronics, it is a great business that provides competitive prices and excellent customer service."

Luke Petrakis

"A while back I read up on where I should purchase a 200mW laser... I was considering all the usual suspects: Laserglow, Wicked, Extreme and Optotronics. My concerns were quality of the product, and then what type of service would I get backing up that product. Well the consensus on the CPF forum was to go with Optotronics and I have to say THANK YOU to all those who led me down that path. The price was much more competitive than the others, the product works as advertised, and the service has really made me a believer. I got a unit from Optotronics and it worked great, but then developed a problem. Jack at Optotronics took care of the problem in a very reasonable amount of time and made sure that I was 100% satisfied with the end result. I can honestly say that I am totally happy with my experience with Optotronics and can recommend the company and it's products to the forum. I have not been paid for this endorsement in any form whatsoever. Good people in the forum led me in the right direction, and I just wanted to do the same for anyone else out there thinking of getting a handheld unit. Thank you, Andrew"

Andrew DeChristofaro

" Hey peeps I got my PPL-120 yesterday and oooh yeeeah it's strong .
According to the spec sheet it's measuring 165mw avg. With a scorching 185 peak!
I'm extremely happy to say the least. I also ran some unofficial tests that everyone has to do so here goes.
5 black balloons in 5 seconds from 3 feet. I popped a black balloon from 20ft in 5 seconds.
I found that to be one of the most impressive to me.
Red beer cup at close range less than a sec. and 2 sec @ 7 feet! I used fresh Duracell alkaline for the tests.
I had e2's yesterday and liked them more but used them up. Goggles are a requirement with this one folks.
I just ordered 2 pairs for me and my girlfriend. I would like to personally thank Mr.O'Neill for answering all my questions before, during, and after the purchase of this laser and most of all for this awesome deal that I most certainly would not of gotten anywhere else but OPTOTRONICS ...."

Paulie B.



Diffraction Grating & Filter kit #1
Now $7.98
Precision Cube Beam Splitter 20mm
Now $34.98
Precision 12.7mm Right-Angle Prism
Now $12.50
13x50mm Doublet
Now $2.49


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