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Premium +100mW Green Laser Reviews for the product - Premium +100mW Green Laser (Back to product)
9 Product Reviews - Average rating 9.9 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

Optotronics is simply the best

Michael Lehl - 09th November 2009

Jack provides the best customer service on the best lasers. My +100mW turned out to be 110mW, you definitely get what you pay for. My second laser, but definitely my favorite now. 110mW in my pocket!


Chris W. - 06th June 2009

The laser arrived sooner than expected with no problems, it is simply amazing! Rated at 114mW for it's average power output, I can't describe how magnificent it is. Power and portability at an affordable price.

Incredible customer service, I would definitely buy from this site again. Thank you Opto!

Amazing Product

Eric Jokisch - 09th June 2009

This was my first laser. Great power, rated at 107mW average. The quality of the materials are great. Great feel and weight. Very fast shipping. I would recommend this to anyone! I will be purchasing other products from Optotronics in the future! Thanks!

Laser Beam Utopia!

Greg Gelber - 10th November 2009

Unfreakin believable! This is my 2nd purchase with Optotronics and once again, I got more than I paid for. The output on this puppy was recorded at 114mW and the beam is so intense, it literally makes me giggle every time I hit the button. It was worth every single hard-earned penny. Plus, the quality, feel and performance of the pointers is top notch. You have another customer for life. The 150mW is next!

It was worth every penny

Seth Alvo - 01st February 2010

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful shopping experience I had with your company last week. I bought a 100mw Pen Pointer Laser from Optotronics, and received it promptly 2 days later. Besides being able to pop a balloon instantly from 3 meters, this unit has a beautiful beam that my friend 2 towns over was able to see from his house (while the moon was out no less). I am beyond satisfied with the product, and equally satisfied with the customer service. I'm glad I shelled out the money for a real laser, it was worth every penny.


Absolutely perfect

Stephen Taylor Walsh - 26th May 2010

Just as in the other ratings, this laser comes in over-specifications. Mine was rated at 109 mW! It fits great in your hand, makes a very bright beam and a blazing dot, and the unit itself doesn't look half bad either.

I was considering buying a similar unit from DragonLasers, but the price difference plus all the great things I've heard about Optotronics convinced me I should give this company a shot first. And I have to say, (if it's not clear by now), I'm very happy with my decision.


Evan Afenir - 30th July 2010

This laser is everything i wanted. i put the batteries in, and pushed the button... then i started giggling at how amazing this thing is. i went outside and it points all the way to the stars. you can see the beam crystal clear the whole way to the star. Optotronics, you have my business for life.

Absolutely lived up to my expectations.

Randy Stowe - 18th June 2012

After hours and hours of research I ended up at Optotronics. If you're wondering whether or not your in the right place for the highest quality laser pen for the money, look no further. If it isn't enough that these laser pens are top notch the customer service is unequaled.

I ordered a 55mW originally and then had second thoughts, thinking that I might have wanted a more powerful pen. I sent a question to the customer service email and within a couple of hours (this was at night), the infamous Jack responded and gave me the information I needed to decide I wanted the 100mW laser. He coached me through the best way to cancel my previous order and order the 100mW laser. He shipped the item out the next day (Saturday!) and it was in my mailbox on Monday.
Oh, and by the way can I just say Wow! This laser is phenomenal. Build quality is solid, the beam is tight, clean and super bright. The hand signed test result of the laser is the icing on the cake.
Thanks again Jack, I can't thank you enough.

7 years later and I'm back for another

Greg Gelber - 20th October 2016

I just got my 2nd over-powered 100mW green laser point from Jack. I've lost count but I think this is my 4th pointer from Optotronics since 2009. I originally started out with the 55mW and worked my way up to the 150mW as I needed my fix for more green beam.

I never ever had a single issue with any of the pointers except for all the attention I got whenever I turned one on. Six years ago I purchased the 150mW and it still rockin'.

This is my 2nd 100mW but not because the first one broke. It's because I would just kept selling one to get the next level until I was up to the 150mW. My father-in-law fell in love with it, so I gave it to him as a birthday present a couple years ago. Nice son-in-law move but that left me without a pointer and have been itching to get another one ever since.

I'm not a burner and just like using these pointers for star gazing and watching the incredible beam that shoots across the sky not to mention how insanely far the perfect green dot projects on things. I will say that even the 55mW will produce a very visible beam in the night sky (depending on the light pollution in your area) and the only reason I stepped up was to increase the intensity of that beam.

As myself and others have stated in the reviews, Jack delivers exceptionally fast. I can attest that he can get you your pointer in 2-3 days from any part of the country. Him and I are on opposite sides of the US and I got mine in 2 days.

How can you go wrong? You get a very high quality pointer, usually over-specced and, receive it in a matter of days unlike that cheap inferior crud from overseas that takes weeks to get.

Always, deal with Optotronics and always deal with Jack.



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