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Premium  +100mW Green Laser w/ Special Effects Reviews for the product - Premium +100mW Green Laser w/ Special Effects (Back to product)
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Greatest gadget I own

dennis buzis - 09th July 2013

I have been in the laser hobby since 2003, and collected many lasers since then! Optotronics is the greatest laser and greatest customer service over all other lasers hands down! I just purchased the green laser with the special effects tips and did a special laser show for my clients. They loved it! I loved it! Thank you for this great product!


Danford N Barney - 23rd November 2012

Difficult to express greater enthusiasm than noted above, so I will just reinforce those well phrased reviews. Truly well engineered and I'm sure also of great educational value... But for me, it is simply the coolest light I own (and that is saying quite a lot!). I will certainly buy more - and I absolutely recommend if you are looking for top of the line.

Amazing and Impressive

J Marble - 16th October 2012

I have been wanting an Optotronics laser for years ever since I first read about their quality and output on laser forums. I finally got one, and it is incredible. I was skeptical that I'd get the results I've seen in so many videos, but I truly did.

During the daylight, the bright green spot was clearly visible, even hundreds of yards away. At night, the beam is clearly visible, shooting through the air, and it really does reach into the sky. In fact, I found it difficult to use indoors simply because the spot is so bright. I did not try any balloon popping, but I will. Let's just say the beam is so powerful, I got asked several times if it was legal.

The effects caps are neat, and have a variety of patterns, which change as you rotate the cap. They definitely garner oohs and aahs from any spectators, but the real show stealer is that bright beam shooting through the air. The caps split the light so much that any beam is barely visible when showing a pattern, but the dots are clearly visible at night and mostly visible in daylight, depending on what you are hitting. The caps have their own place in the foam insert of the case.

I ordered on a Thursday, received on Monday. Beware that it comes signature required, so I had to go to the Post Office and pick mine up.

I played with it quite a while and saw no signs of output decrease, so it seems the batteries will last a while. The carrying case is nice enough, but could feel a bit stronger in the hands. The pen clip is tight and holds well. I found myself accidentally triggering the laser at times because the button pushes so easily. The quality of the manufacturing is excellent. I have no concern about it holding up. It's bigger and heavier than I expected, but causes no concern.

If you are skeptical that you too can have a green beam flying through the air, wonder no more. Just order this, and you won't be disappointed.


Jonathan Simkoff - 07th October 2012

First off I want to say Jack has top notch customer service. If you're wondering where to buy a quality product that will arrive promptly and be covered if it comes broken, I don't know why you haven't ordered yet.

This is is frickin amazing...hands down. The beam is remarkably tight compared to my old 30 mw greenie. Looks super thin all the way to the sky.
Also I've never seen caps on a laser of this power, and with the variety it is unbeatable. My favorite is the circular one, which if you've seen on lesser powered lasers is basically just a ring...this laser makes it an incredible circular swarm of super bright patterns.
In a dusty/dark environment (music festival) the patterns and naked beam are even more impressive. The beam itself is super tight and ungodly bright. With the circular cap you can see the middle laser, and the circular outer ring all the way to the sky, as well as (when very smokey/dusty) a third glowing ring around the cone...

just buy it already!



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