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Premium +150mW Green Laser Reviews for the product - Premium +150mW Green Laser (Back to product)
23 Product Reviews - Average rating 9.7 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)


michael costello - 30th June 2014

Jack. Great to deal with. Went out his way to ensure I received products while on holiday. Lights matched pops dark balloons at least 10 Feet away.

Everything and more

Travis - 11th July 2013

First green laser ever, figured why waste any time. Lots of research, opto is the place to go, and if you go big from the start, you don't have to keep buying lasers. Incredible beam, incredible power, nothing short of amazing, everything I hoped it would be and more. Don't know too much about lasers but I did hours of research before deciding on this one and it did not disappoint. I was hoping for a freak 160 mw + laser, mine came in at 154, not bad, but definitely over spec so I can't complain


Luke Wasielewski - 18th January 2013

Top quality product, it lights matches and pops baloons in a blink of an eye. Jack is a great person, very helpful and he is a seller you can trust. Would buy again without a doubt.

Another Example of Jack's Customer Service

Mike Cherry - 04th April 2012

I ordered a 40mW Green laser from Optotronics, and had an issue with the switch not working correctly at times. I contacted Jack, and he advised to return it so he could check it out. I sent it back, but before he received it, he had already sent me a replacement. I subsequently ordered a 150mW green pen and both the 40mW and the 150mW arrived together. I am very pleased with both pens and would recommend anyone that wants a green pen laser, order it from Jack PERIOD.
BYW the 40 measured at 53, and the 150 measured at 174. WOW

All Around Great Job!

Charles Stephen Hopkins III - 05th July 2011

I recently purchased a cheap laser for $39.99. The laser took weeks to get to my house and while it was powerful at first (200mw), it took only eight days for the laser to burn out completely. I then did a little research and discovered Optotronics. Jack was very well versed in information regarding good laser technology and did not try to sell me, but rather, inform me. I purchased this laser after a few days of hesitation and it arrived at my door after only three days! I have now had it for three weeks and am happy to say that it is still working very well! Thank you Jack!
Try this...
I recently came across a Lupe Lens. These are used for looking at negatives and slides. The lens magnifies 8X. I use this in conjunction with my laser and can now burn even white paper with it as well as light a match instantly! Cool stuff!

Great Product

David Young - 28th April 2011

This is a very good laser. It is also very over powered. I have a 1.5 divergence laser and when i point them in the night sky you can really tell how much thinner the opto stays. All of these lasers don't have perfectly round circle dots, they are square or rectangle like. Also they seem to be effected by cold temperatures very easily. But all in all its a great product worth every penny, and the customer service is great along with the time it tales to get to your door. im lovin it!!!


Jeremy Rachel - 12th January 2011

I recently purchased two premium 150mw pens from Jack. To begin, I would like to address the professionalism, patience, and concern for customer satisfaction presented by Jack. He will address any questions you may have quickly and efficiently, and resolve any problems with ease. Moreover, he does so on a first name basis. Jack remembers his customers and is personable, attributes which are very difficult to find with modern day business owners.

The products themselves are flawless. The premium pens are exactly as presented and up to spec. The beam quality is perfect, and accompanied with low divergence, these units are a gem to use and admire. I am a very picky person but trust me when I say I am very satisfied. For price to quality/power ratio...look no further. These pens are esteemed on every laser forum, and for a good reason. Order with confidence. Thanks again Jack.


Opto 150 Green 532nm

William Jeffrey Davis - 26th December 2010

I had read some positive online reviews of the customer service offered by Optotronics, and I can only add more praise. Both of my lasers arrived quickly and were professionally packaged. The lasers perform extremely well and seem to be built very well. I couldn't be any more pleased with my experience with Optotronics and I plan to buy more laser gear from them in the future.

Amazing Powerful Laser

Patrick Ortiz - 17th November 2010

Warning - If you buy this laser you WILL, I repeat, you WILL ABSOLUTELY need eye protection. The beam is fairly bright, but the truly amazing part is how bright the dot is. Then end dot is the equivalent 200 extremely bright green LED's all packed into a few millimeters. It lights matches within half of a second. At night you could seriously get yourself into trouble with this. Would do business again. Thank you.

Pure Green Power

John S - 26th October 2010

Another winner from Optotronics! I bought two of the lower powered pens from Jack a few months ago and was so impressed I had to have the 150mW model. Actually, I bought two! I was so sure of the quality, I got one for myself and one for a friend's birthday present. Both rated over the advertised output at 161 and 164mW. The beam is visible in indoor lighting conditions. Protective eye-wear is a must when demonstrating the power of these awesome tools.

The best pen style pointer you can buy. Bar none.

Lawrence Graham - 10th June 2010

I received a freak overspec Optotronics Premium + 150mW green laser and it is by far the best pen-style laser money can buy. My first one AVERAGED 178mW with a peak well over 180mW. My second one averages a little over 160mW. These pointers are SUPERB for burning and thermal experiments and have a very thin beam diameter with very low divergence. They are also some of the most stable lasers I have seen with no visible changes in brightness and output. It has a great rubber tactile feel unlike the CNI laser styles which adds extra grip for those with butterfingers. I have a few other pen style lasers: a couple Dragon Lasers Viper 95mW and a NOVA Lasers Endeavor >200mW and the Opto 150 pens are my pride and joy and I take them wherever you go. Customer service at Optotronics has no competition: They will answer all of your questions promptly and shipping is very quick. I highly recommend this laser and it is arguably the best pen style laser in the world for the money. An easy 10 stars for a quality, overspec laser and THE BEST customer service around in the industry.


Jonathan Baquet - 27th May 2010

This is my first real burning laser and I have only one regret.... not picking up some laser glasses cause this thing is bright! Besides the awesome laser i have to give 10 stars for the amazing customer service. I look forward to making more purchases from OPTOTRONICS!


giorgio carlo ferrari - 06th April 2010

I received a few days ago my Premium +150 mW Green Laser and it's simply amazing! Jack O'Neill is a very kind and patient person, and it's a pleasure to buy from him. If you need a laser, this is the right place to buy one. Thanks again, Jack.
Giorgio, from Italy


Bryan Valdez - 01st February 2010

Wow I have seen a million videos on youtube waiting for my laser to arrive and none of them can come close to what I've seen first hand when the laser arrived. The laser was of course overspec (161mW) as marked and tested prior to shipment. The laser feels very solid in my hand and is made of metal no plastics here. I am very proud of my new laser :) oh and the customer service here is world class you cant go wrong doing business with Optotronics

I can now die a happy man!

Greg Gelber - 26th January 2010

Just for the record, this is the 3rd, that's right, 3rd review I have given for Jack and his awesome products. See, I already own the Opto 55mW and the 100mW and love them both but like anything else in life that has more power, I just had to have the 150mW.

I'm not disappointed either. I can't put this thing down and take it everywhere I go. The beam is so bright that sometimes I can actually see it on a cloudy day and in full bright sunlight, I can easily project the dot on buildings and signs. Easily!

At night? Totally different story. Let me put it to you this way, when people see this thing in action, they always come over and ask me to hit the farthest building they can barely see and ask me to hit it with the green dot. My satisfaction is watching their jaws drop when they see the beam shoot across the night sky and easily paint the building's wall. Thanks again Jack.

good laser! and true 150mw

Kallen Remy - 12th January 2010

I have a 2 pointer from techlaser (125mw) and its good but the 150mw from optotronics have more power! you see the difference.
olso its much cheaper then Techlasers or wicker lasers!
My new order will be here with OPTOTRONICS !
K. Remy (Belgium)


Jacob Silver - 02nd November 2009

Oh man. This laser makes me salivate. The beam is gorgeous. It's like a green version of that laser in Goldfinger. It's much better than my friend's from Wicked Lasers, and I payed less than half what he did. Oh, not only that, but the recorded output for the laser I was shipped was 165mW. I got more than I paid for. If I ever need another laser, I'm buying it here.

Great Product

Daniel Frame - 21st October 2009

I ordered my laser on Sunday evening and received it on Wednesday so shipping was super fast. I do business in China frequently so I always pick up a few green laser pointers for friends and business contacts while I'm in Shanghai since I can usually buy 10 of them for around $50. Let me tell you those things don't compare to this one! It easily ignites matches, burns electrical tape, etc. The beam is brilliant (almost hypnotically beautiful) and the dot is almost painful to look at (seriously, use eye protection).

Long story short, Optotronics is the real deal. Based on the experience with my first purchase, I think I see a blue laser in my future maybe for Christmas. After all everybody has a green laser these days :)

It's a lot of fun, but definitely not a toy.

Freakin' amazing

terry - 23rd July 2009

I just received my 154mw rated pen... and wow is it impressive. From ordering to my door, it only took a few days. So shipping was not a problem at all.
The pen itself is very sturdy and comes in that gray box that you see above.
I am using 2x rechargeable AAA 850mAh batteries and they do a great job at keeping the output steady.
The dot itself is so bright that MAKE SURE you get safety glasses for indoor use. In low light situations, the beam looks incredible... very sharp.
All n all... this is a great laser.


Stefan - 30th June 2009

Very good email response, fast shipment, and you'll get MORE then you asked for, what else do you want? Forget ebay and all the rest if you seek something serious! Thank you Jack! Grtz from Belgium.


Donald in Canada - 03rd June 2009

Jack is a great guy to deal with! He is patient and attentive and that gives me great comfort in my purchase of this outstanding laser. The beam is absolutely beautiful. Extremely bright with very little beam divergence. The build quality is excellent. From what I can tell, it is pretty much all metal. Has a nice solid feel to it, but not being too hefty. With alkaline batteries installed, it has a very slight forward balance but it feels very comfortable in hand. The metal body is coated with a high quality thin layer of rubber with indentations near the aperture, giving it a nice tactile feel.

Did I mention this laser is super BRIGHT? Now I have to invest in some eye protection!

The only downside to this laser is that it draws a big crowd, which may or may not be a good thing... >:P

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Todd Hargis - 23rd May 2009

I recently purchased this premium laser from Optotronics and I am a very pleased customer. This laser is BRIGHT and very stable. The beam shows up in well lit rooms and the spot is dazzleing. Matches don't stand a chance with this laser! I liked this laser so much I bought another one. Optotronics carries excellent products and all of my future laser purchases will come from this company. Thanks Optotronics.


Nick - 20th May 2009

I received my 150mw premium green laser pointer today and all i have to say is WOW! This thing is a beast if you want to get your moneys worth then deal with Optotronics.



Premium +150mW Green Laser
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Diffraction Grating Set
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Premium +100mW Green Laser
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